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Picture Gallery Four: Magical Manure

Using organic methods, we use manure to fertilize our fields and our vegetable gardens.

Atop "The Pile"
Douglas on top of the poop pile that he is moving to fertilize the pastures.


Here is a shot so that you can see how massive this pile of you-know-what is.


Filling Mulcher
Douglas fills the mulcher which is attached to the tractor.

Out It Goes
He tips the poop into the mulcher.


Field After Mulching
Here is what one of the fields looks like after spreading the manure.


Garden Manure Pile
Genny shows her lovely black manure pile for her vegetable garden.

Good Earth!!!
Good healthy earth has lots of healthy earth worms.


Lots of Worms!!!
Treasure Hill Highlands earth and manure heaps have tons of worms!


Great Earth!!!
Genny works hard to keep her garden soil rich and black.