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Picture Gallery Three: A Yummie Winter Meal

This gallery shows moving one of our huge round bales of hay from the barn to the pasture. This is always an exciting event for the cattle as they love our hay. Douglas has built feeding sheds that hold the hay, which semi-protect the hay from the weather as well as keeping the cattle from walking on and soiling the hay.

Skewered Bale
Douglas skewers the bale with the tractor attachment.


The Cattle Watch
The cattle watch in eager anticipation.


Moving the Bale
Douglas drives the tractor to the pasture.

Getting Closer
Genny opens the gate for Douglas.


Entering the Pasture
The cattle mill around in excitement.


Headed to Hay Shed
Douglas heads for the hay shed and the cattle turn around to follow him.

At the Shed
At the shed Douglas deposits the bale into the feeder.


Baleless Return
Douglas returns from his mission. The cattle remain at the feeder enjoying their hay.


The Skewer
Close up of the attachment Douglas uses to skewer the bales.