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Picture Gallery Two: Rotational Grazing

We do rotational grazing on Treasure Hill Highlands Farm. When our registered Highland cattle eat down one pasture, we use temporary electric fencing to fence off another area of pasture for them. Creating the new pasture area is the easy part. Herding them into their new field can sometimes be a challenge!!!

Ready to go!
Genny has the fence posts stacked, ready to move the fence so that the cattle have a new area in which to graze.


Pushing In Posts
Genny lays down the electric wire for the new fence line, and then starts pushing in posts along the wire.


Another Post
The cattle look on from across the field in eager anticipation. They really enjoy a fresh grazing area.

Push It Genny!
Genny uses her weight to sink the post into the ground.


Attaching to the Main Fence
The temporary electric fencing is attached to the main fence so that it can also run electricity.


The Show Begins!!!
The fun begins as Genny herds the cattle into their new pasture. Big Sister snaps photos as Genny curses cattle and tells me to quit being useless and help her!!!

We're Here!
Genny gets the cattle into their new pasture and talks to them about how naughty they were in the moving process and how they are going to be brilliant and obedient the next time.


Yummie!!! New Fresh Grass!!!
The cattle in their new pasture enjoying the lush vittles!!!


Genny adjusts one last post before we go back to the house.