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Gallery One: The Birth of a Bale

With over 50 registered Scottish Highland cattle along with several horses, making our own hay is a big project each year. This series of photos shows some of the steps to birthing a bale!!!

Douglas checking to see if the grass is dry enough to bale.


Cut Pasture
Cut grass drying in the sun.


We are ready to go!!! Douglas gets into the tractor!!!

Douglas stops the tractor
After raking up dried grass into the baler behind the tractor ...


Baler Magic
Douglas pulls levers and such in the tractor ...


It's a bale!!!
And out pops a beautiful new bale of hay!!!!!

He's Off Again!!!
After depositing the bale, Douglas is off to rake more hay to fill up his baler.


Doug Stops Again
Douglas pulls levers in the tractor to form another bale.


Another Bale is Birthed!
Douglas makes birthing bales seem easy!