Our Farm When We First Bought It In 1993:

  • Abandoned farm
  • 1856 house in shambles
  • No barns
  • Fields a dense jungle of multiflora rose bushes

Our Goals:
  • Natural - use methods to support our planet
  • Sustainable
  • Strive to be as self sufficient as possible
  • Live in Partnership with The Land

Our Farm in 2011:
  • Produce own vegetables with multiple gardens
  • Produce own meat with a head of 50+ Highland Cattle
  • Built two barns
  • Fields restored: produce own hay as well as sell hay
  • Energy: heat primarily with wood and have high grade insulation
  • Currently produce 75 % of food for Douglas and Virginia

Future Vision:
  • Incorporate clean renewable energy sources:
    • Solar power
    • Wind energy
    • Use running water for hydro power

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